01. The Warrior Inside
02. Duel to the Death
03. No Contest
04. Solider & the Samurai (feat. Warrzone)
05. Needle Point
06. Sound the Battle Cry
07. Shuriken Flow (feat. L Storm)
08. For My Ninjaz (feat. Ern Dawgy)
09. Fuedal Lordz (feat. Primordial Emcee)
10. Lady Snowblood
11. Bushido Blade, Pt. 2
12. Knuckle UP
13. Samurai Banners (feat. Colorado Iron)
14. It’s Like This
15. Wind Chill (feat. Queen Eylysee)
16. Kill Em All (feat. Knowledge Born & Sammo Hueng)
17. Iron Godz (feat. Iron God, Juxx Diamondz & Ern Dawgy)
18. Sword Skills (feat. Primordial Emcee)
19. Shogun Slap
20. Wind Chimes (feat. Killa Wynd)
21. Make Sure You Ready (feat. Portarok, Shogun of Dark Hill, Black Lotus, I Cypher the God & General Jihad)

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