320 kbps
1.Beautiful ME feat. DJ Trickalome (Prod. Death Star)
2.6th Sense feat. Trinity & El Presidente (Prod. Unknown)
3.Let Ya Know feat. Thirstin Howl III & Chron Burgundy (Prod. Aak.Da.God)
4.Everytime U Fall feat. Pace Won & Father Focus Confucius (Prod. Father Focus Confucius)
5.Nature of the Beast feat. Bloody Raw (Prod. Kingpin)
6.Winners Again (Salvation Part 2) (Prod. Death Star)
7.The God Complex feat. The Witness (Prod. Death Star)
8.Deep Dark Depths of Death (Prod. Death Star)
9.Hard Day’s Work feat. Uni-Verse, Nic Blaze & Z3RO (Prod. BorodaBeat)
10.I Can’t Handle The Truth feat. The Witness (Prod. Unknown)
11.Life’s A Bitch (Then You Die) feat. BorodaBeat (Prod. BorodaBeat)
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