1.Tape Deck Intro feat Boog Brown 01:38
2.MIdwest Kids 04:29
3.Ghetto2Ghetto 03:01
4.Y.A.M. 03:43
5.Lay it Down feat Dynas 04:10
6.Whachagunnado feat Dolo 04:03
7.Going Places feat Dev Husky 03:43
8.Driftin 04:07
9.Chips feat Methuzulah 04:20
10.Center Stage 03:31
11.Aarophat and Illastrate as Black Noise – HIGHER (Revolution) 03:31
12.In the Trunk feat Tay 04:41
13.Aarophat, Boog Brown, Small Eyez – MidWestKids Repraise feat Boog Brown and Small Eyez 04:41
14.Lethal feat No Joke 04:25

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