Disc 1
 1 –Kourageous Katz-Kourageous Katz
 2–Mr. Voo Aka Agu-It’s The V-O-O
 3–Anthony Cruz Aka A-Butta*-Life Is Beautiful
 4–House Of Repz -Lace Tracks
 5–A-Butta- Transcend
 6–A.L.- Riches Doe
 7–Sp12ver -Get Outta Town
 8–Sp12verBlazin -Ya’ll (Heavy Hitter Shit)
 10–Avatar Aka Avie Fresh- My Microphone
 11–Reddawn -The Lights
 12–Pyramindz -No Room
 Disc 2
 1-Kourageous Katz – Part2
 2–Pyramindz- Three Sixty 5
 3–House Of Repz- Stop Making Movies
 4–Jedi Aka Son Of Spock -Son Of Spock Freestyle
 5–Paragraphics-Resurrect The Mind
 6–A-Butta & Wordsworth-Of Couse Not! (Demo)
 7 –Animosity- I Seen Your Kind Before
 8–House Of Repz-Hasta Yer (Spanish Remix)
 9–Jedi Aka Son Of Spock- Further Limits
 10 –Pirates Of New York- Pirates Of New York
 11–Reddawn- Circus
 12–Mad Infinite Aka Spider Monkey-Verbal Narcotic
 13–A-Butta-I Don’t Care
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