1. Intrawduction
2. Real Hip Hop (feat. Jmega the God)
3. Machinegun Rap (feat. Awon)
4. Don’t Criticise (feat. Peebs the Prophet)
5. Muladhara (feat. Teknical Development)
6. Coastin’ (feat. Moka Only)
7. Let ‘em In (feat. Tableek)
8. Ido (feat. Dlo & Ist1)
9. Lakhahó (feat. Tink & Phlat)
10. Koertánc
11. Towelie (feat. Mista Classic)
12. Horizont (feat. Kids of the Stoned Age & Diggedy)
13. 2allheadz (feat. Natural Spittaz)
14. C’est nous, contre le reste (feat. La Base)

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