1. You the People (feat. Sicko Soldado, King Darius & Manos Ariba)
2. Golden State (feat. Dodger Blue, King Darius & Dee the Great)
3. We Stay Winning (feat. Dodger Blue, Dee the Great & King Darius)
4. Don’t Start Static (feat. Alt the Saint, Dodger Blue & Dee the Great)
5. Make You Famous (feat. Haze, Dee the Great & Loco Negro)
6. Driving Down the Freeway (feat. King Darius, Slip Capone & Blaze Daily)
7. Sound of the West (feat. Dodger Blue, Dee the Great & Dopamine)
8. Bar Stool Rap (feat. Zapata the Ghost, Dee the Great & Dopamine)
9. I Heard That You Part Two (feat. Dee the Great, Manos Arriba & Big Demon)
10. We Do It For (feat. Big Cypes, Robb the One & Dee the Great)
11. Average Cat (feat. Ybv, Dopamine, Dee the Great, King Darius & Eyekon)
12. Rules & Comandments (feat. Dee the Great)
13. Kaos & Gunfire (feat. Planet Asia, Dee the Great & EQ)

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