1.Quantum Chaos Theory (Intro)
2.Atomicypher (80 Bars)
3.War (Ft. Orion Quest (3rd Eye Revolution), Big Shot (Gifted Mindz) & Rez the Silverback (Abandoned Playhouse)
4.Embrace the Contradiction
5.Broken System
6.Puppets (Ft. Arhythmatik (Modurn Languaj Asosiashun)
8.Dark Crystals (Ft. Esko El Lobo)
9.Monodramatic Soliloquy
10.Nothing Bassoons (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People)
11.Cerebros Sanctorium 
12.Handle Bars (Ft. Sick Since)
13.Walking in the Rain 
14.Wave of Destruction (Eye For An Eye Remix) (Ft. Evil Intentions (Formaldahyde & Anonamix)
15.The Illmortals (Ft. Father Focus Confucius (Lost World Visionaries)
16.League of Shadows (MXtended Version)
17.Outta Control (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People) & R-Kitech)
18.Without Shadows of Doubt (Ft. Darren G (Shadow People) & Subkonshis (Shadow People)
19.What’s Chaos? (Anarchist Remix)
20.New Word Order (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi (Black Market Militia) & Death Star (3rd Eye Revolution) 
21.The Serenade of Aurora (Mrs. Vint Mentalz Tribute) 
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