1. Werdz from a Comrade (Crisis Intro)
2. CokeIntelPro
3. Contra City
4. Near the End of My World
5. Planet At War (feat. Vega X, & 8Bza)
6. Rebellion (Interlude)
7. Concentration Camp
8. Shotgun: Terrible As Hell
9. Musical Generation
10. The Zoo (feat. 8Bza)
11. Middleground
12. The Defection
13. Enlightment (Interlude)
14. In the Hood (feat. Vee Eye)
15. Tortured Hands of the Seeds of Wisdom (feat. the Lyricist)
16. I Ching [Guerrilla Alliance] (feat. Vega X & Verbal Wor)
17. The Psychology (feat. 8Bza)
18. Why I’m Here (feat. Ladii J)
19. Ain’t No Happy Endings (KG Outro)
20. [Bonus Track] Spanish Pistol (feat. Sleez the God)

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