1. Intro (prod by DJ Rogue)
2. Thunderclap Slap feat. Paro & Flying Monk (prod by Bad Habitz)
3. Redux feat Upfront MC (prod by DJ Rogue)
4. Tread The Trail feat. Entra P (prod by Knowun)
5. Fuckem feat. Datkid (prod by Urban Click)
6. Live With The Sin feat. Melissa Dawn Harper & Entra P (prod by Bad Habitz)
7. Key To The City feat. Gimson & Jinxsta JX (prod by Backlash) 
8. League Shit feat. Dotz & Res One (prod by Urban Click)
9. In The Shadows feat. Bil Next & Si Philli (prod by Urban Click)
10. Outro (prod by DJ Rogue)

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