1. Endangered
2. For the World to See (feat. The HunchPunch Champ & Trice Be PhantomMagnetiq)
3. Barbershop Brothers
4. No Debatin That
5. TheLife (feat. Finale)
6. Writes of Passage (feat. Trice Be PhantomMagnetiq, Plex Long & Anon the Griot)
7. I Could Do (feat. Akshun)
8. Obey
9. Wanna Be Kings (feat. Akshun)
10. No Bars Off (feat. Plex Long, Anon the Griot, The HunchPunch Champ & Face the Truth)
11. Never Had a Reason to Smile (feat. The HunchPunch Champ & SK the K.I.D.)

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