1. Head vs Heart (Intro)
2. Shackled by the Pound
3. Absolute Zero
4. Power Source (War at Night)
5. Our Times feat. OMeza Omniscient and Kyra
6. Walk on Water feat. Seapa and OMeza Omniscient
7. Don’t Follow the Image feat. OMeza Omniscient and Amy True
8. Three Children (Us and We)
9. Obtain Bearing
10. Everything Must Change
11. Chaotic Revolt
12. A Meeting of the Continents feat. Hasan Salaam and Iron Braydz 
13. Spray the Roof feat. OMeza Omniscient and Invincible Armour
14. Apex Zero, Growth, Slay the Basilisk, First and Last, Reality Provoking Liberation – Growth (Slay the Basilisk)
15. Reality Provoking Liberation feat. OMeza Omniscient

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