1. No Secret
2. The Antidote (feat. DJ TMB)
3. Technocracys
4. The Great Regret (feat. DJ Trickalome)
5. Evolution of «the-Rapist» (feat. DJ Trickalome)
6. Hold My Tongue (feat. Mark Deez)
7. Free Spirit
8. Brutal for Your Ears
9. The Guardian
10. The War Cry (feat. Capital X)
11. It Don’t Make Sense
12. Scold Your Thoughts (feat. DJ BRZ)
13. Rebel Veterans (feat. Sean Strange & DJ Trickalome)
14. Down the Rabbit Hole (feat. DJ Tmb)
15. Scattered
16. No Fuking Secret (feat. Lex Starwind & Jon Murdock)

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