1. Intro (feat. Inessa Boné)
2. Regardless (feat. Artifacts & DJ Stylewarz)
3. Free (feat. KRS One, Kool G Rap & Greg Nice)
4. Everywhere (feat. Fashawn, Torae & Inessa Boné)
5. The Remedy (feat. Jeru The Demaja)
6. Benni Blonco (feat. Lords of the Underground)
7. Rhyme Dropping (feat. Motion Man)
8. Lifestyle of the Famous (feat. Skyzoo & Jah Sun)
9. Stop Frontin’ (feat. A.G.)
10. Ain’t No Thing (feat. Masta Ace)
11. Hiluminati (feat. Maffew Ragazino)
12. Blessed (feat. Lil Dap)
13. Vocals (feat. Kool Keith)

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