1. Don’t Be a Dummy (Intro)
2. Control You (feat. Akir, Jus One & World)
3. Contaminate (feat. Supastition, Our Reality & Milkbone)
4. Fields of Freedom (feat. World & Hassanah Iroegbu)
5. Mister Lui Freestyle
6. B-Boy Anthem (feat. Rich Kim, Milkbone, Irealz & Vast Aire)
7. Rhyme Therapist (feat. Rich Kim, World & Mickey Messenger)
8. Seme Rock Rocks It (feat. Our Reality & Seme Rock)
9. Play That Music (feat. Gz, Jus One, Our Reality & Rayelle)
10. Creeps (feat. Hassanah Iroegbu)
11. Mad Emcees (feat. Real Talk, Madd Illz, Jus One & Our Reality)
12. Dummy Skit
13. Murda Is a Must (feat. Jus One, Irealz & Akir)
14. We All Fall (feat. Mark Bowers)
15. Don’t Let Anybody Control You (Reprise) [feat. Our Reality & Koree Reed]

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