1. Introduction
2. Art of the 4Gotten
3. Mcgully Culkin
4. Vendetta Vets ft. Flash of N.B.S.
5. Forgotten landz ft. G8ABAK
6. Red eyed Jedi ft. Beni-Hana
7. Wet banditz ft. The Verdict
8. Lock, Stock & Smoking Barrels ft. Sycksyllables & King Magnetic
9. RTA Interlude
10. Hold up ft. Blind Fury
11. Empty
12. Take the pain ft. Sir Duke
13. Not today ft. Statch
14. Grind Mode ft. Ruste Juxx
15. Ancient Scriptz ft. Sycksyllables
16. Rise of the Villains ft. Beni-Hana & Quam of Savage Brothers
17. Outro

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