1. If You Foolin’ (feat. Vvs Verbal, Boone Bixby & Guappy Ruffin)
2 . Life in Bucktown (feat. Vvs Verbal, Young Coke, Napoleon da Legend, Supreme the Eloheem & General Steele)
3. Sometimes I Do (feat. Vvs Verbal, Guappy Ruffin, Mike Brownsville & Louie Skaggs)
4. 8 Bars and Pass (feat. D Roc, Boone Bixby, Louie Skaggs, Guappy Ruffin, Vvs Verbal, Napoleon da Legend & General Steele)
5. No Big Thing (feat. Stage One, Louie Skaggs, Vvs Verbal & General Steele)
6. So Called Thugz (feat. Vvs Verbal, Louie Skaggs, D Roc, Napoleon da Legend & General Steele)
7. What Chu Gonna Do (feat. Illa Ghee, Napoleon da Legend & Louie Skaggs)
8. Longevity (feat. General Steele, Vvs Verbal, Mike Brownsville & Napoleon da Legend)
9. Run, Can’t Hide (feat. Louie Skaggs, Joneszilla & Innocent?)
10. Listen Here (feat. Boone Bixby, Louie Skaggs & Vvs Verbal)
11. Childhood to Man (feat. General Steele, Hersh, Louie Skaggs & Vvs Verbal)

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