01. WW3 Ft. Serum & Manifesto
02. Terror Form Ft. MZ0 & Tos El Bashir
03. Wake Up Ft. RDG
04. Infinite Pandemonium Ft. Ghetto M.C, Venomous 2000, Microphone Tone & Capcizza
05. Not An MC Ft. Outerspace & Tom Jeefs
06. Broken Bottles Ft. Pozlyrix, Dreamtek & Dc The Truth
07. Die By The Code Ft. Pozlyrix, Scenic Roots & Dc The Truth
08. Cold Blooded Warriors Ft. Dc The Truth & Andrae
09. Bi Polar Cypher Ft. Gandhi, Tos El Bashir, Beast 1333, Presto, Sean Price & Grime
10. Fell From Grace Ft. RDG
11. Hidden Scrolls Ft. Tos El Bashir & Presto
12. Tribulations Ft. Scar The Messenger
13. The End Ft. Amun Ra & Black Mask

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