1. Land Of The Lost
2. Devil Godz
3. Demolishn (w/ Overproof Pete, Jake Biz & Suss One)
4. Biblical Martians
5. Mind Games Revisited (w/ Ciecmate)
6. Cult Cinema
7. Venomous Wordplay Remix (w/ Dyad Souls)
8. Hexxxploitation
9. Coffin Nails (w/ Flu)
10. Guiding Light On My Minds Eye
11. Forsaken (w/ King Syze, Hyjak & Drils)
12. Peye Lajan Taks
13. High In The Morning (w/ Black Teeth Red Gums)
14. Hologram 
15. Brimstone Delivery (w/ Q Strange, Haunts & DJ Juice)
16. Cambodian Hangover
17. They Come Out At Night
18. BONUS: You Know Who Remix (w/ Celph Titled, Stabes & Dee)
19. BONUS: Put Em In The Morgue Remix (w/ Mr. Hyde, Dyad Souls & Klive Kraven)
20. BONUS: Psycho Cypher Remix (w/ Hopsin and Enzeit Muzik) 
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