1.The Premonist – I Hate The Daylight (Instrumental)
2.Judgement, DoneOne, Species, Veteren Virus – Cut Me Like A Cross
3.Sunn Sunn, Conquest (Kahn) – Double Suicide
4.Judgement – Exquisite
5.Joey Baggs, [?????], Veteren Virus – Checkmate
6.Species, Joey Baggs, Nonsense – Born Sick
7.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Conquest (Kahn) – Black September
8.Nonsense – Non’s Got It Locked
9.The Premonist – Devil’s Water (Instrumental)
10.Conquest (Kahn) – War Games
11.Rok, Judgement, Species – Chapter
12.Conquest (Kahn), Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold – Tora Bora
13.Joe Baggs, Gutta, [?????] – God Bless The Dead
14.Sneaky Pete – I Am Mad
15.The Premonist – Autopsy (Intsrumental)
16.Veteren Virus, Sunn Sunn – Kill People

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