1. Bein’ a Menace
2. A Message From E-Swift
3. At the Bodega
4. Real Man Drank (That Billy D)
5. Mild Riot (ft. Al-Shid)
6. Can I Get A Sip?
7. M.A.D.F.U. Message
8. Facelift Malt
9. No Mo’ Cisco
10. Hillbilly Beer
11. Hi-N-Ergy!
12. Town Bizness (ft. Ambush)
13. Callin’ Earl
14. Leave That Horse Alone! (ft. Louis Logic)
15. O’Douls Is For Fools!
16. Calvin’s Hard Lemonade (ft. Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots)
17. Harden the Fuck Up!
18. Zodiac
19. 8 Ball Scratch
20. Hey Mon Brew (ft. Creyesis – Jamaican MC)
21. A Message From Prince Paul
22. Boss Hog Egg Nog (ft. Dick $tallion)
23. Pimp Potion (ft. Celph Titled)
24. Project Paradise (ft. Poison Pen)
25. Lindell the Wino
26. Fall Down Brew (ft. RA the Rugged Man)
27. Bigg Buzz Beer (ft. Crazy DJ Bazarro)
28. The Piss Test
29. Pour Out the Suds
30. The Drug Song

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