01. They Sleep (feat. DJ Trickalome)
02. Canadian Ice Warriors (feat. Madchild, HalfCut, Merkules & Unknown Mizery)
03. Flawless (feat. Deception & DJ Coach One)
04. Reminisce (feat. Evil Ebenezer & DJ Jabba Tha Kut)
05. A Christmas Conspiracy (feat. Wisdom, Mordecai & Jigsaw Killer)
06. Five More Minutes (feat. Pyke, Lrev & Kay Duprees)
07. The Underground Dungeon (feat. Rated R, Wisdom, Mordecai & DJ Trickalome)
 08. Fyre (feat. Wyze Mindz & DJ Madhandz)
09. Madhouse (feat. 2032)
10. Left Hook (feat. DJ Madhandz)
11. Eyes Wide Shut (feat. Lucas Miller, Venomous 2000 & Mr. Fickle)
12. The Crystal Cave (feat. Mordecai & DJ Madhandz)
13. Silver Lining (feat. Green Goblin)
14. The Wolf (feat. Deception)
15. Trials & Tribulations (feat. PK & Murdoc Faceless)
16. Color Of Law (feat. Rated R, Mordecai, Eskr One & J.A.I. Pera)
17. Sound Of The Scratch (feat. Wisdom & DJ Jabba Tha Kut)
18. Won In A Million (feat. Pacewon)
19. The Ballad Of Erik & Charles (feat. Restless & Green Goblin)
 20. Air Bender (feat. Unknown Mizery)

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