01. Welcome to the Abyss feat. Louie Rankin & DJ Xl
02. The Underworld 2 feat. feat. Havoc, Kid Fade, Johnny Richter, Kool G Rap, Chino Xl, Slaine, Necro, Ruste Juxx, Kuniva, Sabac Red, Ill Bill, Sean Price & DJ Illegal
 03. Gutter Blues feat. Q-Unique & Prevail
04. Weapons of Wizardry feat. Blacastan, Klee Magor, Megadon & DJ Chino
05. Shotgun Symphony feat. Suspect, Seen B, Adlib & Rite Hook
06. Grim Reefer feat. Bizarre, Potluck, Merkules, Shallow Pockets, O Doub & Ill Bill
07. Sorcerers of Gore feat. Swann, Gamble the Greedy Grin & Dominant Species
08. Hail the Villains feat. Psych Ward, Mr. Hyde, Sid Wilson & Necro
09. Depression feat. Sean Strange, Mersinary, Goretex & Lucy Lovesick
10. Visions of Apocalypse feat. J Reno & J.O. the Last Man
11. PsychodeliX feat. Brad Shank, Kid Fade & Seen B
12. Gods & Gladiators feat. Ironic, Kool G Rap, Swifty Mcvay & DJ Eclipse
13. LuCypher feat. Fredro Starr, Ghettosocks, Sars, Kid Fade, Sean Strange, Swifty Mcvay & DJ TMB
14. City of Nightmares feat. O Doub, Swann, Trash Gordon & Ironic
15. Bloodbath feat. Seen B, Mersinary & Veeko Caine
16. Cold North Killaz feat. J Reno, Aspects, Charlie Fettah, J Nyce, M.O. Littles, Neph, Raw B Snatch & Suspect
17. Legacy feat. Ill Bill, Sean Strange & Salome
18. Demons feat. J Reno, Ironic, Resin & DJ Xl
19. The Underworld 2 (Metal Remix) feat. Mark Morton & Sid Wilson
20. A Funeral Farewell feat. Louie Rankin
21. Can’t Escape feat. Sean Strange, Raw B Snatch, Sentury Status & Swifty Mcvay (Bonus Track)
22. Sinister Tendencies feat. Resin & Mersinary (Bonus Track)
23. VertigoLord Lhus, Vision, Shallow Pockets & Suspect (Bonus Track)
24. Party to Death feat. Marmel Ent. (Bonus Track)
25. The Underworld 2 feat. Mark Morton, Sid Wilson & Jimmy Bain (Metal Remix, Alternate Drum Version)

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