1. Bahamadia Intro
2. My Part of Town Revisited (feat. Ill Advised)
3. How Long (feat. 84)
4. Mind Over Matter (feat. Reef the Lost Cause)
5. Many Styles (feat. Kufie)
6. Weekend (feat. Paul Yams)
7. Graff Supastars (feat. B&G)
8. Do It Again (feat. Dave Ghetto)
9. Wack Mceez (feat. Hezekiah)
10. The Popoff (feat. Chief Kamachi & Baby Blak)
11. Can’t Beleive (feat. Paul Yams)
12. After Midnight (feat. Last Emperor & Paul Yams)
13. You Don’t (feat. Keez)
14. Can’t Stop (feat. Chef Word)
15. Skratch Makaniks-GOS
16. Direct from Philly (feat. OuterSpace,Chops & Baby Blak)
17. Shorti Bomb (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Chief Kamachi)
18. After Midnight (feat. Last Emperor) [Remix]

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