1. Ladies an Gentlemen
2. Hi I’m James
3. The Agitated (feat. Skuff)
4. Full Colour Dreams
5. Little Mr. Grin and Bare
6. What D’you Expect (feat. Mr Key, Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh)
7. Average Wank Fam (feat. Mr Key)
8. Yeah I Act Like a Freak
9. Where Is Scissor Tongue
10. Pork Pie [Explicit]
11. Morph Into Any Shape
12. Never Seen a Reason
13. From the Future (feat. Slang Immaculate, Stig of the Dump, Jam Baxter, Skuff, Ed Scissortongue, Fliptrix, the Three Amigos)
14. Inabit
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