01. He Said It Featuring Denz One
02. Mercury Rising Featuring CyMarshall Law
03. Magneto Featuring Stiltz of Babylon Warchild
04. Funky Bruce – Featuring Tone Liv, Mood Swangz, Denku, Quantom Physics, Burrowz, Shawn Lov, and AmOner
05. Just Like Me (Live) – Featuring Sat One
06. Don’t Stop – Featuring MotionPlus
07. 7. For The World – Featuring Rival, Milkbone, Pryme Prolifik, and Brash
08. Nice Guys – Featuring S Ka Paid
09. Run Along – Featuring Simplex
10. Order – Featuring Mic Rippa and Milkbone
11. Superstar – Featuring Rory Sparrow
12. Outerspace – Featuring Prossess, William Cooper, Weegee and Ill Proceeja
13. Until the Groupies Are All Gone – Featuring Paul Haverman
14. Bonus – Featuring Tone Liv, Rival, Icarus, and Shawn Lov
15. Lost Souls – Featuring Lakim Shabazz and Urban Shocker
16. Magnanimous – Featuring MOox Mookneto Einstienart
17. Won In a Million – Featuring JD Walker Conspire

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