Props to Dez

1. Co-Offenderz (feat. Kings Konekted, Rezadent, Ciecmate, Aslan, Sabotawj, Classick & Sussone)
2. Testament (feat. Brad Strut & Aslan)
3. Walk With Me (feat. Kings Konekted & Aslan)
4. Fortune (feat. Rezadent, Aslan & Meek Starkiller)
5. Enemyz Of Da State (feat. Dontez, Aslan, Rezadent & Red Lion)
6. Skynet (feat. Ciecmate & Aslan)
7. Black Candlez (feat. Kingz Konekted, Aslan & DJ Stricknine)
8. Keep It Live (feat. Clinic, Kinetiks, Proclaim & Aslan)
9. I Must Represent (feat. 13th Son, Sabotawj, Classick, Aslan & DJ Stricknine)
10. Forbidden Fruitz (feat. Aslan, Dontez, Rezadent, Absouljah & Sussone)

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