1. Lady Killerz pt1:prod by Murf Beats
2. Its a Beautifil Life after All
3. Welcome To My World Staring Nejeri Earth
4. Mighty Healthy pt2 Starring GhostFace Killah 
5. Circulatin g with J.Dilla : Prod by J.Dilla
6. Grassy Knoll Rap:
7. Life’s a Bitch; Starring BlackStarr prod by LRB
8. Butch Jones: prod by Ced Rat 
9. Sands on the Beach
10. AssHole Starring Gambit : prod By LRB
11. Lady Killerz pt2
12. Kenny Powers starring Mainy Main
13. When My Homies Call : starring J NonStop
14. Vomit pt2 starring MF DOOM
15. Lous DeLi starring Cappadonna
16. The Burner 

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