Original name for the collaboration of 7L & Esoteric, up until around 1997 when they started going under the self titled group name, 7L & Esoteric. Also consisting MC Karma, who is a manager for Indie Hip Hop label, Brick Records.

1. Outer Limits
2. Structured Emphatics
3. Outer Limits II
4. Wild Styles
5. Truisms
6. Truisms (Remix)
7. Seek And Destroy
8. Bust My Style
9. Bust My Style (Remix)
10. Complex Theme
11. Global Networking  Featuring – Mr. Lif, Virtuoso
12. Freestyle  Featuring – Mr. Lif, Virtuoso
13. Strontium 90
14. Cortex Nematode
15. Secret Wars
16. Over Flow
17. God’s Angry Men  Featuring – Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Virtuoso

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