trio who incorporate smooth jazz into their hip-hop. Employing conscience lyrics and staying true to their underground base, Scienz of Life breathe life into hip-hop that has been compromised by commercialism. Don’t sleep.
ID 4 Winds, John Robinson , M. Robinson , Savage Messiah
1. Brainstorm (Intro)
2. Divine Powerz
3. Live-N-Direct (Skit)
4. Ghetto’z Tah Galaxiez  Featuring – K-Banger, L.I.F.E. Long
5. Strange Fruit  Featuring – Skit Slam
6. God-Core Featuring – Steve Stone
7. Da Truth
8. E1-E2 (Agreeable-N-Disagreeable)
9. Afro DZ Act
10. Ancient Ritualz  Featuring – Young Kush
11. U.S.A. (Underground Starvin Artist)
12. Back Tah Galaxiez  Featuring – Loer Velocity, Skit Slam
13. Communion (Interlude)
14. Deep Thought…  Featuring – DOD (Daughter of the Dusk)
15. One… Two… (Outro)
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