Side A
A1. Black-1 – No Laws
A2. Rawcotiks – Magic Chef
A3. Adagio – The Break
A4. Natural Elements – Magnetic
A5. Droopy Eye Crew – Stictly For Live Men
A6. I.G. Off & Hazadous – Hip Hop Till I Die
A7. Black Jesus – Modern Day Thug
A8. Noreaga – Married To Marijuana
A9. Genovesee – Genovesee’s Thesis
A10. War Click – Bullet For A Bullet
A11. Shamus – I Got U Back Featuring – C.Terror
A12. Street Smartz – Don’t Trust Anyone
A13. Group Home – Express N.Y.
Side B
B1. Krumb Snatcha – Mobsters
B2. Obscure Disorder – Lyrically Exposed
B3. Laster – Off Balance Featuring – Ed O.G.
B4. Defari – Bionic
B5. D.N.A. – My Shit Iz Tight
B6. Mobb Deep – True Lies
B7. Cage – Agent Orange
B8. N.O.T.S. Click – Keep Your Eyes Open
B9. One Aka B.1 – Verbal Affairs
B10. M.F. Doom – Dead Bent
B11. D.I.T.C. – The Enemy
B12. Hi-Tech – All Time Einstein
B13. Mafioso Crime Family – Diniro
B14. Shadyville All Stars – Knights Of The Roundtable
B15. Sandinistas – Madd Luv Rmx
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