Yungun a.k.a. Essa was born in North London where he lives and works today. He began his musical career as a host and MC on pirate radio station Parlay in Harrow during the mid 1990s. There he formed the group Dupa Styles with fellow MC Devise. The duo began making noise on the fiercely competitive open mic circuit at spots across London, forging an alliance with other emerging MCs such as Ricochet (Universal Soldiers) and Jargon (MI5, Natural Born Spittaz).
1. In
2. The Big Idea Featuring – Lewis Parker Producer – Lewis Parker
3. Push
4. The Art Of Celebration (Remix) Scratches – Harry Love
5. Tea Break (Skit)
6. Chef YG Producer – Braintax
7. Gringo Lingo Featuring – Nico Suavè, Red
8. IC (Skit)
9. What Eye See (Part 2) Featuring – Devise
10. City Breaks Producer – LG , Lopez Scratches – LG
11. Liquid Love
12. Everything Is Alright (Skit)
13. Dancing Shoes
14. Spitfire Featuring – Kyza
15. Out
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