01.ISFET (chaos)
02.Black Magic
03.Maximum Frequency
04.Her Legacy (ft. Anthony David)
05.The Who (ft. David Banner)
06.Lost Sunz
08.Assassin’s Sound
09.Persian Splendor
11.We Can All Fly
12.Code of Hammurabi
13.True Mastery
14.Indigo Child (ft. Drea d’Nur)
15.Triangle Offensive (ft. Narubi Selah)
16.Lyrical Manifesto
17.The Holy Tablets (ft. Wise Intelligent and Quadir Lateef)
18.MAAT (balance)
19.H.A.R.D. [Bonus]
20.The Anthem [Bonus]
21.MUUR (ft. Methuzulah) [Bonus]

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