01. Knowledge (feat. Oxilla Born, Wolfe, 12 Gauge Phaze, Gillateen Gilly, Arsenal Hendrix, Spit Raw, Recognize Ali & Godilla Jaguar Paw)
02. Wisdom (feat. Blissalonia, Oxilla Born & Stoney Bertz)
03. Understanding (feat. Spit Gemz & Oxilla Born)
04. Freedom (feat. Oxilla Born & Merc Versus)
05. Justice (feat. Spitraw & Oxilla Born)
06. Equality (feat. Oxilla Born, Vin The Chin, 4914, Moral, Irealz, Bishop, Formaldahyde, Wolfe, Recognize Ali, Double AB & Nova Kane)
07. Food (God Complex) (feat. Oxilla Born & Arsenal Hendrix)
08. Clothing (feat. 3rd Person, Venson Dix, & Oxilla Born)
09. Shelter (feat. Agallah & Subtex)
10. Love (feat. Safari Black & Father Jah)
11. Peace (feat. Oxilla Born & Godilla Jaguar Paw)
12. Happiness (feat. Verbal Kush)
13. Actual Facts
14. Solar Facts (The Hand That Feeds)
15. Holy Grail (feat. Bishop) (D2P Remix)

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