1. Intro – Loyalty Is Everything feat. Smokalot (Prod by H. Lloyd)
2. Live And Learn (Prod by Orange Field, Cuts by DJ Eclipse)
3. It’s Real feat. Mic Handz (Prod by Beatowski)
4. My Brothers Keeper feat. Juxx Diamondz (Prod by Silent Someone)
5. My Word feat. Gstats OCB (Prod DJ SoulClap)
6. Take It Personal feat. Skanks (Prod by DJ Qvali, Cuts by DJ Qvali)
7. Cross The Line feat. Dro Pesci (Prod by The Kender Man)
8. I Believe feat. Solefather Rasco (Beat by Danetic)
9. Die Tonight
10. Enough Is Enough (Prod by Supreme Da Almighty)L
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