1. On The Road Again
2. Get Your Mother Off The Crack
3. Undercover Hooker
4. Worse Than A Gremlin
5. Watcha’ Lookin’ At?
6. I Get The Paper  [Featuring] – Guy Routte
7. Milk Does The Body Good (Remix)
8. Start It Up Y’All  [Featuring] – MC Lyte, Positive K
9. When Milk’s On The Mic   [Featuring] – King Of Chill
10. Build Up Back Up
11. The Nasty   [Featuring] – Antoinette Guillopo, Madelline Serrano
12. 6teen  [Featuring] – MC Lyte
13. Step [Featuring] – DJ K-Rock, King Of Chill
14. Many Styles (Bonus Track)
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