1.Syke Ward intro (Produced by Jupiter AKA – Cuts DJ Impact)
2.Jupiter (Produced by Azaia – Cuts Venom)
3.Brothers feat. OCB & Berry Boo (Produced by Astronote)
4.All The Time feat. OCB (Produced by Kyo Itachi)
5.Resistence feat. Big Bizness & MC Yotto (Produced by Raw)
6.I Get It On (Produced by Venom)
7.Kangaroo feat. Ruste Juxx (Produced by Azaia)
8.Soundboy Bankai feat. Bobo Saw, Top Notch & Has Diggz (Produced by Kyo Itachi)
9.Smoke Screen feat. Savoy (Produced by Phalo Pantoja)
10.Handra feat. Savoy (Produced by Kyo Itachi)
11.New Stereo (produced by Astronote)
12.Medina feat. FOD & Skanks (Produced by Kyo Itachi – Cuts Saravann D)
13.Sonz Of The Slum feat. Dro Pesci & Big Bizness (Produced by Kyo Itachi)
14.True Love (Produced by Azaia – Cuts Venom)
15.You Ain’t Bother (Produced by Venom)
16.U Don’t Know feat. OCB (Produced by Azaia)
17.Symphony feat. Shatike, Skanks, Shabaam Sahdeeq & P General (Produced by raw)
18.Crystal Tearz feat. Savoy (Produced by Phalo Pantoja)
19.Live & Direct (produced by Kyo Itachi)
20.I Am a G (produced by Astronote)
21.Verbal Fitness feat. Milez Grimez & Gat Murdah (Produced by Azaia – Cuts Venom)
22.Syke Ward outro (Produced by Venom)

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