1.Touch Down (Prod. by Mankub)
2.Cold Capital (Prod. by Downstroke)
3.The Buccaneer (Prod. by Sam Zircon)
4.Kings Crown (Prod. by Morriarchi)
5.From the Depths (Prod. By Remulak)
6.Lemon Chicken feat. Stinkin Slumrok (Prod. by Downstroke)
7.Represent (Prod. by Giallo Point)
8.Worldwide feat. Mandeep Sethi&Benny Diction (Prod. by Deft)
9.Breakout (Prod. by Steady Rock)
10.Confident Concoctions (Prod. by 184)
11.Bang feat. Parallax&Mnsr. Frites (Prod. by Sam Zircon)
12.Singing in the Rain (Prod. by Jonny Drop)
13.Scrap Heap (Prod. by Morriarchi)
14.Call My Name (OG Version) (Prod. by Oliver Sudden)

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