01. Divine Order (ft. Bibliqual, Diabolic & DJ Trickalome)
02. Fools Gold (ft. 2032)
03. Basement Banger (ft. Benihana)
04. Draculas Coffin (ft. Dolo)
05. Game Invasion (ft. Dr Creep, Joey Baggs & DJ TMB)
06. Raw Deal (ft. S.I.T.H.)
07. Isolate My Mind (ft. Ron Donson, Darren G & DJ Case)
08. Life (ft. Wisdom & Ty Da Tyrant)
09. High As God (ft. Young Free)
10. Fading Illumination (ft. 2UGLi & Anu 322)
11. Drop A Verse On Em (ft. & TRiLL)
12. Day 18 (ft. Coast)
13. Franza (ft. Butta Tones, Hi-Q, Taboo, Pryme Prolifik, Father Focus Confucius, Ixion Form, Coal Cash, Mic Handz & Cliff Clavin)
14. U Don’t Own Me (ft. Benihana & Absoulut Karnage)
15. Battalionz (ft. Leaders Of The Lost)
16. Eat Em Up (ft. Jomaa)
17. 8 Immortalz (ft. The Balcanics, Just-1, Sick Since, Pryme Prolifik, Rich Mahogany, Tha Soloist, Satelite, Swann & DJ Trickalome)
18. Hug Your Mother (ft. Anu 322 & Phobya)
19. Hall Of The Slain (ft. Dr Creep, Grim Moses & DJ TMB)
20. Underground Strikez Back (ft. Lun)
21. Merchants Of Death (ft. Benihana & Words)
22. Sound Alike (ft. Requiem)
23. What Che Wanna Say (ft. Rawdec)
24. Pandemonium (ft. 2UGLi, Diabolic & Anu 322)
25. Step Into My Galaxy (ft. Ozgoon, C-Rae & DJ Madhandz)
26. So I Had To Move Weight (ft. TRiLL & Magic CIty)
27. Nomads (ft. 2UGLi, Chief Kamachi & Anu 322)
28. True School (ft. RARE SEED & DJ Zashone)


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