01. Intro (Month of May)
02. Memory Lane (Produced By: Skammadix)
03. Claiming What’s Mine (feat. Gee.ko) (Produced By: Beats for Food)
04. The Poison and the Remedy (feat. Lateb) (Produced By: Skammadix)
05. Windows Down (feat. Kali, Termanology, Axe & Planetary) (Produced By: MTK)
06. Feel You, Feeling Me (Produced By: Skammadix)
07. Best Years (Produced By: Weirdo)
08. Ring Leader (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
09. On A Mission (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
10. Father’s Day Interlude (Produced By: DC The Midi Alien)
11. Dangerous Living (feat. Lawrence Arnell) (Produced By: J Phaytul)
12. Follow the Rules (feat. Illicit & Mic Stlyz) (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
13. You Can Find Me (feat. J’You) (Produced By: DJ Slipwax)
14. Ghost’s in My Closet (Produced By: Skammadix)
15. Outro (Father of the Year)
16. Memory Lane (Radio Edit)
17. Feel You, Feeling Me (Radio Edit)
18. Best Years (Radio Edit)
19. Windows Down (Radio Edit) (feat. Kali, Termanology, Axe & Planetary)
20. Dangerous Living (Radio Edit) (feat. Lawrence Arnell)

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