1. Square One (produced by Kev Brown)
2. Say Goodbye (produced by Black Milk)
3. Product of the Basement feat. Sean Born (produced by Kev Brown)
4. Aiming For The Sky feat. Hassaan Mackey (produced by Analogic)
5. The Definition feat. Melanie Rutherford (produced by Black Milk)
6. Came To Deliver feat. Wordsworth & Supastition (produced by Black Milk)
7. Lesson A (produced by Kev Brown)
8. Days At A Time feat. Sean Born (produced by Kev Brown)
9. Once Upon A Time feat. Wayna (produced by Slimkat78)
10. The Movement II (produced by Kev Brown)
11. Overdue feat. Kaimbr, Hassaan Mackey & yU (produced by Kaimbr)
12. Farewell feat. Sean Born (produced by Kev Brown)
13. Product of the Basement (Remix) (produced by Kev Brown)
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