1.Tablet of Destiny (Alpha)
2.The Lost Realms (feat. Rasul Allah 7)
3.Land of the Guardians (feat. Irrefutable & Mac the Rebel)
4.Black Genesis (feat. Judah Priest)
5.Sol Invictus
6.Rise of the Magi (feat. Cosmic Crusader)
7.Ophiuchus (feat. Judah Priest & Continuous)
9.Lords of the Morning Star (feat. Alphabetik & El*a*Kwents)
10.Seven Snakes (feat. M-Eighty & Lone Ninja)
11.Road to the Underworld
12.Secrets of the Multiverse (Omega)
13.Throne of Blood (feat. Hell Razah)
14.The Great Rift (feat. El*a*Kwents, Mac the Rebel & Irrefutable)

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