01. Intraw (feat. Kid Lucky)
02. A Cut Above It (feat. Da Ded Rabbidz (ex-Lordz Of Brooklyn))
03. No Further Questions (feat. Rav.P)
04. Lyrical Bully (feat. Tony Tigerstyle, Mykill Miers & I-Man of Tha Mexakinz, cuts by DJ Modesty)
05. The Chosen (Remix) (feat. Chaundon, Sadat X & Craig G, cuts by DJ X-Rated)
06. Beatbox Drop (feat. Click Tha Supah Latin & Tek Tha Supah Latin)
07. AntiFreeze (feat. Tek Tha Supah Latin)
08. Most Def (feat. Bukue One & Frank Knight, cuts by DJ Loop Skywalker)
09. Get Up Off Me (feat. Satchel Page, cuts by DJ Jabbathakut)
10. Knockin’ On Satin’s Door (feat. Willie Stubz)
11. Connection (feat. Precise)
12. Krackin’ Skullz (feat. Castor Pollux, Thoughtsarizen & Awax, cuts by DJ Mark Luv)
13. Butter Soft Leathers (Remix) (feat. Eff Yoo, cuts by DJ Jeff Da Illest)
14. Beakers & Drumpads (feat. Sir Diggy, cuts by DJ Tonedeff Cutz)
15. 3rd World Credentials (feat. Deuce Eclipse, Ace Moon, Kenneth Masters & Meen Green)
16. BARZ (feat. Hellz Yea, Juxx Diamondz & Merc The Big Body Benz)
17. The Social Network (Remix) (feat. Praverb The Wyse, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
18. Beatbox Drop (feat. Scratch of The Roots)
19. Annual Laps (feat. Gee Dubs & Neta)
20. Bounty (feat. Slim Pickens, cuts by DJ Family Tyz)
21. Ugly (feat. Crew54)
22. 48 Barz Of Power (feat. Cyrus Malachi)
23. B.I.T.C.H. (Female Version) (feat. Dominique Larue, Makeba Mooncycle, Ang13, MsJack & Lady Bilquis, cuts by DJ Loop Skywalker)
24. Shout Outs
25. Outraw (feat. Kid Lucky)
26. Bonus: I, Digital – Jewels Of Hip Hop
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