1. Welcome To The Grave (Prod by. MOD The Black Marvel)
2. Cuts (Prod by. Bronze Nazareth)
3. Spotkiller (Prod by. Ciph Barker)
4. True To This ft Cyrus Malachi (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
5. Born With A Dream (Prod by. Fred Fades)
6. Who’s My Love (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
7. Sun Kiss (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
8. What They Didn’t Know (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
9. Welcome To The Grave part 2 (Prod by. Ciph Barker)
10. Muddy Bars (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
11. Ego Death ft Thirstin Howl III & Cyrus Malachi (Prod by. Smart Aleck)
12. The End (Prod by. Mac Dusty)
13. Back On Track (Prod by. Fred Fades)
14. I’ll Be Fine (Prod by. Bronze Nazareth)

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