1. Intro
2. It’s Heddshotts Fuckface
3. Christopher Walken (Skit)
4. Sweatshotts ft. Sweatshop Ent.
5. #1 Rule
6. Eyez ft. DJ Slipwax
7. Rick James (Skit)
8. Everything Burns ft. Ricky Mortis 
9. We Makin Noise ft. Sweatshop Ent.
10. Asshole
11. Check My Swag ft. L Bean (SS Ent)
12. Al Pacino (Skit)
13. I Can’t Take This ft. Hella (SS Ent.)
14. We Got That ft. L Bean (SS Ent.)
15. Cactus Up Yo Ass
16. Lose It All ft. Skinny Cavallo
17. The Anti Christ
18. Stewie (Skit)
19. All Seeing Eye
20. Something Wrong
21. John Madden (Skit)
22. Victory Lap ft. DJ Slipwax
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