1. Skyward (Constant Elevation Remix)
2. Floe Free Style (ShadE Business Remix)
3. Craftmatic (Karate Kid Remix)
4. Livelyhood (Family Affair Remix) 
5. Floe Almighty (Floezone Remix)
6. Nightwatch (feat. Mal Demolish of The Undefined – Intruder Alert Remix)
7. The Torch (Flame Thrower Remix)
8. Hostility (introducing Cazmere – Madizm Remix)
9. One and One (feat. Diablo Archer – Angelic Remix)
10. Changes (Mood Swing – Blunt Smoke Remix)
11. Floe Shout Outs (One Love Remix)
12. The Righteous Way To Go (Trilogy Remix)
13. Cruise (I-40 Remix)
14. Off and On (Bonus Track)
15. On Schedule (Bonus Track)
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