1. Intro Feat. DJ Slipwax
2. Circus of the Freaks
3. Settin Them Straight Feat. DJ Nix’On
4. Elephants in the Room
5. Pussy From Rap
6. Cane Bagnato Feat. DJ Nix’On
7. Lose It
8. Soixante Quatre
9. Interlude
10. Get Ready Feat. DJ TMB
11. Frostbitten
12. Animal Crackers Feat. Godilla, Absoulut Karnage, Godmode, Bloody Monk Consortium
13. Search and Destroy Feat. DJ Slipwax
14. These Guys
15. Walk On The Moon
16. Microphone Check
17. Foutre
18. Outro

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