1. #OTOH Intro
2. Open Eyed  featuring Ed Nino
3. Whats He Say  featuring Keef Courage
4. We All Gotta  featuring Nixon
5. Preachin’ To The Choir featuring The Action Figures
6. One Nation featuring Blasphemy
7. Murder Mitten Misses  featuring Miz Korona; Lady Ace Boogie
8. Lil’ Homies  featuring Sacramento Knoxx
9. OTOH  featuring Artfull Dodgers
10. IndexExercise featuring Dave NY
11. 100 Grand Rap  featuring Auto Pilot
12. Gonzo  featuring Brainstorm
13. Dreams  featuring Bloodvein
14. Alchemy  featuring Jamall Bufford (aka Buff1 of Athletic Mic League)
15. Underestimate  featuring Thrift Shop
16. New Game  featuring Maurice Daniel
17. Ghost  featuring JNes
18. GovernWhat?!  featuring Auto Pilot; Fritzo; Chip Vicious; Venson Dix
19. We The People featuring Skin Kwon Doe; Dam Shiddy
20. Pages featuring Guilty Simpson
21. My Confession  featuring Shanrock
22. Mic Sounds Nice featuring Convotronics Industries
23. Big Business featuring Ozay Moore
24. Unfadeable  featuring B-Side
25. Adverse Knowledge
26. Don’t Quit Your Day Job  featuring Krhyme
27. F. Em  featuring The Lyricists
28. OTOH Outro

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