1. …Evacuation (Intro)
2. Who Can U Trust?
3. Graveyard of Honor (feat. True God Immortal & DJ Tone Spliff)
4. World Terror-Formation
5. Rapper Soul Barcode (feat. Irrefutable)
6. In-Skum (feat. El a Kwents)
7. Insurgency Werdfare (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
8. When Serenity Shatters
9. Field Nigga Venganza
10. Spartan Brawl (feat. Sean Price & VX Heaven’s Assassin)
11. A Testament of the Gun
12. Whut’s the Problem?
13. Lost Cities and Vanishing Civilization (feat. VX Heaven’s Assassin)
14. Battle of Camp 23 / Fear Of… (feat. Stranga the Great) [Outro]
15. Cyanide Epic (feat. Sick Since & VX Heaven’s Assassin) [Bonus Track]
16. Opia (The Infada) [Bonus Track]

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