01. Introspection
02. Snap’ Your Neck Back Part. 1 ft. Marissa Knight
03. My Turf
04. Danger Zone
05. Hip-Hop Resistance (Who Wanna Take My Fucking Place..?!) ft. Jo L’Affront, Cara & Poètes Maudits
06. Obscure Means ft. DJ Troubl’
07. Strategic Thoughts ft. Marissa Knight & Undefiable MC
08. Interscope
09. Que Pasa..?! ft. Real J
10. Holy Shit
11. The Score ft. DJ Jammin’ Fingaz
12. Snap’ Your Neck Back Part. 2 ft. Undefiable MC
13. Getto Anthem
14. Trip To Da Underground ft. Dj Meexaa BB
15. Dead End
16. Outroscope

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