1. Intro (Produced by The Premonist)
2. Masked Villains (Produced by I.N.C.H. , Scratching by Ganjak)
3. Witches Season (Produced by Ganjak, Scratching by Ganjak)
4. Invisible Psychos» (Produced by Nizuk)
5. It Is (Produced by The Premonist)
6. Monster Within  (Produced by Tre Beats)
7. Mil Mascaras (Produced by Tre Beats)
8. Interlude (Produced by The Premonist)
9. Have Nots (Produced by Tre Beats)
10. Sin Nombre (Produced by The Premonist, Scratching by DJ Blesd 1)
11. Mommie Dearest (Produced by The Premonist)
12. Perdido (Produced by Wizard of Odd)


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